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Debut EP Launch Concert

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What better time to remember the “Will You Wake Up Today?” launch concert than now, as our debut EP is re-released on Bump Foot?

It was truly a pleasure to play last June at the (then) recently reopened Ritz Clube (Lisbon, Portugal) – a venue with an amazing history and Art Deco charm, evocative of times past.

As usual, each song had its own backdrop of animated visuals – and this time, inspired by one of our songs, we literally shared the stage with a “model in pieces”.

Apart from the songs on the EP, we played some new ones – and some not so new ones we have been playing live for a while now.

After the show, DJ Paulo Lizardo (Planeta Pop/Radar) took the stage and made sure everyone kept on dancing to some addictive minimal/dark wave, synth-pop, indie and electronic tones.

Check out below the setlist, some reviews (in portuguese) and the gorgeous pictures by Luís Martins (Far, Out and Beyond).


  1. Late Arrival [intro]
  2. Left to Die
  3. The Room Was Small
  4. The Portrait
  5. Model in a Pieces
  6. The Model [cover]
  7. Will You Wake Up Today? [redux]
  8. Weather Forescat: Storm
  9. Chordian
  10. Deep Breath
  11. The Song Cannot Be Found
  12. Crawling Beauties


  1. Playback [cover]



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