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Debut EP Out Now!

We are glad to announce that our debut EP – Will You Wake Up Today? – is out now!

It is available as a digital album only on Bandcampget it nowYou can name-your-own-price starting at €3 ($3.82 USD) for the whole album or €0.80 ($1.02 USD) for each song.

The 4 songs (Will You Wake Up Today?The PortraitModel in Pieces and Deep Breath) were recorded between 2011 and 2012 at “The Mansion”, Golden Pony Studio and Ricco Vitalli’s (Cavaliers of Fun) studio – who also mastered and mixed the EP.

Written, performed and programmed by the band, the album portraits solitude and waiting, its sound builds upon melancholic landscapes and energetic rhythms.


DATM - Will You Wake Up Today? (EP) - Artwork Cover